What is Innovation company X?

Talent, not capital, will be the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth in the 21th century.

Whether innovating within a large organization, launching and scaling a startup, or evaluating potential investment opportunities, in today’s rapidly transforming business ecosystem there is one common challenge:

How to identify a good idea with authentic demand, dimensionalize the idea before significant investment, actualize and prove the idea using in-market pilots and upon success accelerate and scale the idea quickly.

At ICX, this is what we do everyday. And we do this by rolling up our sleeves working together with you and your teams to deliver on your ideas.

As a networked organization we utilize best-in-class specialists efficiently and at exactly the right moment so you can be assured we are working with you and in an integrated and effective way.

The intersection between your innovation strategy, capabilities and toolsets combined with exceptional talent will deliver a meaningful and sustainable point of differentiation for you and your organization. We call this the X-Factor. We will help you to navigate this intersection successfully and achieve your goals.



Innovation strategy

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a team in place who just need a boost, we work with you to develop your roadmap, identify the skills necessary, and work with you through the implementation path.

Innovation capabilities

A disciplined approach that utilizes resources (time, money, people) in the most effective manner while still giving the space to explore and experiment is essential. We can help you build a continuous innovation capability and accelerate your organization’s ability to move from idea to impact with speed.

Innovation toolsets

New methods, tools and technologies are arriving everyday. We keep track of these and can help you to select and utilize them in your business, but only when they are truly necessary and help you and your teams to work smarter and more effectively.