Let’s face it . . . innovation is a messy business! All of the models provided by consultants combined with all of the training in the world are meaningless if you can’t put the concepts into practice within your own business and tied to authentic marketplace needs while effectively engaging with your stakeholders along the way.

We know that every organization and challenge is different and that off-the-shelf solutions and packaged workshops or the outsourcing of ideas are not going to do the trick. Innovation is a discipline and you have to learn how it works. We believe the best way of learning is by doing, especially within the context of your own challenges and organization’s skills.

Therefore, we have developed a portfolio of strategic services that can be combined and customized in order to ground Innovation efforts in strategy while unleashing the potential of ideas and people in order to capitalize on existing and new opportunities.

Employee Engagement

Engaging and enrolling employees at all levels of the organization is essential in order for an Innovation Program to succeed. After all, a company’s best ideas usually come from its front lines. We specialize in employee engagement whether through company-wide challenges or small team efforts that build momentum and inspire people to be their best.

Innovation Funnel

At every stage of and idea there are a set of actions that are “right” for the idea, in that they maximize return on time, money, and effort. Too often, resources are spent on efforts that will not drive to the results expected. A stage gated method of organizing and establishing the right actions for each stage of development allowing for multiple ideas to be accelerated simultaneously.

Meet the Startups

How to find the startups you need to talk to? Or, how do you connect with the right company to pilot your product? Our “Meet the Startups” program is a curated program designed to inspire, gather insights and set the stage for effective collaboration between organizations. Inspiring teams and leading to new business opportunities for all involved.

Disruptive Domains

Defining what innovation means and determining the domains where innovation should focus is a critical step in aligning your organizations efforts and gives all stakeholders the Innovation Framework and KPI’s necessary to begin the important work of innovation. Knowing that innovation without focus can become fuzzy and controversial – even divisive. We can bring people together around a common cause.

Incubate or Accelerate

Do you have time to develop and grow your own ideas (incubate), or do you need to move quickly and invest and accelerate? Or do you simply need to acquire you way to growth. We can help you determine and put in place the right strategy and plan. With our experience we help you to execute it to set you up for success.

From Idea to Investment:

Whether large organization, startup or investor, we believe following the methods of the most successful startups is relevant and valuable to your efforts. We can help you and your teams to adopt the best practices of successful startups and apply these to your ideas which will in-turn create a compelling story to your stakeholders– regardless if they are your board, your management team or external parties.