Innovation efforts need to be supported and embraced from the top of an organization. Without this support we have witnessed how innovation efforts can be diluted and dissolved. In order to achieve buy-in and sponsorship from the start an agreed upon Innovation Framework is necessary.

Working together with the executive team we lead and help to identify the business drivers and areas where innovation is needed. Where disruption is possible – either on the existing business, future business, or where there is an opportunity for the organization to disrupt the market. These are the Innovation Domains (aka, the ponds we go fishing in).

Once these domains are agreed upon, we establish the roadmap and prioritization for further development within each domain and the teams and skills necessary to do the work. From there we Co-create the Innovation Program with key stakeholders involved at every step and eliciting their buy-in and continued support.

While more junior employees are completely enthusiastic about innovating and putting their best ideas forward, there is usually a breakdown between top management and middle management when it comes to innovation efforts, as KPI’s are often not aligned. Negotiating and bridging through these innate complexities takes courage and perseverence. It can be done and we know how.