We view all potential ideas as an opportunity to “pitch” to investors and actually become a startup. Therefore we have designed a proven method of fast-tracking the best ideas forward with all of the insights, metrics, prototypes, pilots and roadmaps necessary in order to create pitches worthy of your idea and ultimately and investment – whether from internal sources or external.

However, if 90% of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10% who succeed and why our approach can really make the difference for you and your organization.

The product is perfect for the market. If you’re going to spend your time making a product, then spend your time making sure it’s the right product for the right market.

  • Are you open to co-creating with customers, consumers and partners? Because this shortens your time to market and ensures product/market fit and validates your initial business model assumptions. We know how to do this.

The entrepreneur does not ignore: Some of the most important components of a startup are those pesky issues of business process, business model, and scalability.

  • Do you have entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs who are empowered in your business and are you ready to make the changes necessary to enable them? Because we have learned this is a key skill to have onboard and will be critical to the success of every idea. We can help.

The company grows fast: Growth — fast growth — is what entrepreneurs crave, investors need, and markets want. Rapid growth is the sign of a great idea in a hot market.

  • Is your organization able to move quickly enough and are you ready and able to break down walls and silos in order to experiment, test, learn, fail and iterate? It isn’t as easy as it sounds. We can help.

The team knows how to recover:  The more versatile that team, the better chance they have of succeeding. Versatility in the startup environment involves much more than someone’s skills-set. It involves mindset.

  • Most corporate employees yearn to exercise their skills and activating those talents is important and essential. But you also need to know what you don’t know and bring in people from the outside to help you along the way. Do you have the right people inside your organization and are you able to move ideas forward quickly without disrupting the entire organization, or do you need to establish a new team for each idea? We can helpWe can help.

And finally, one of the quickest ways to kill your credibility and your idea is to offer a poorly written business plan.

  • A great business plan doesn’t have to be a book in length, with extensive financial statements.
  • The plan must simply answer every relevant business question that you could imagine from your team, partners and investors.
  • Don’t try to impress constituents with technical terms, jargon and acronyms. Use everyday language.

We can help you to develop your pitch deck that is pitch perfect for your audience.