ICX is not your large scale consultancy bureau and we’re not just a group of fuzzy people running around pretending that we know something. We are also not an idea factory. We are a bespoke and agile group of people, well networked and ready to apply our skills and expertise on your behalf. If we don’t believe in the idea and the chance of success – we will let you know. We are in it to win it.

We have proven experience working for and within large companies on both the executive and operational levels to develop new ideas, products and innovation capabilities. We have worked with startups and investors and provided consulting, agency services  and production capabilities across the globe and with great success for large and complex organizations as well as startups.

We make innovation tangible with a solid return.

  1. Is your organization being disrupted by startups?
  2. Do you need to build an innovation practice to help you compete quickly with a proven ROI?
  3. Does your startup need help making connections with large organizations and investors?
  4. Do you need a team to help develop, pilot and accelerate your ideas?
  5. Are you looking to scale your business in other countries and markets?

We’d like to hear more about your unique business challenge and how you believe innovation and our approach may play a role in the solution.

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