With talent acquisition and retention increasingly becoming one of the key challenges businesses face we work with HR, Marketing and IT departments to develop an Innovation Program linked to the strategic framework and communicated effectively to all levels of an organization and its stakeholders.

This allows for company-wide contributions, involvement and ultimately transparency. When taken together and managed effectively the Innovation Program we develop with you will deliver exponential results for all stakeholders involved.

Otherwise innovation sits on an island and suffers from the “not made here” affect. We know how to avoid this and have proven examples of how to approach the introduction and development of an Innovation program that engages and excites employees at all levels of the organization.

While we utilize ideation platforms, innovation challenges and ideathons as well as other custom designed activities as part of the innovation program we also take into careful consideration the unique aspects of your business and culture.

We can easily cater our own services or develop completely new ones with your executives and operational teams because we want to be effective and we want to be successful. Therefore, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach.