In today’s data driven and social environment, the ability to gather ideas from customers, employees or citizens is HUGE. And so is the effort to capture, track, and communicate about progress and provide real time feedback -which we all expect. Frankly it can be overwhelming.

However, this is an essential ingredient and must have when it comes to Innovation. That’s where the idea platform comes in place, we have tools, experience and ways of working that will help you to manage your ideas and feedback loops in a cost effective way.

Innovation is about gathering ideas and creating the right setting to develop this into a thriving business. Going through various stages before you have a sizable market opportunity, but it al starts with an idea. If you take the assumption and the often referred phrase: 9 out of 10 ideas fail, you need a lot of ideas to get to a few that might end up as a sizable market opportunity.

Idea platform to manage the idea funnel

Idea platform helps to manage the idea funnel: from many ideas to 1 successful product or service


It can be costly to develop ideas rapidly into product / services before you have a clear understanding about the type of ideas that are identified by your employees or participants. Therefore we can help you to have a capability inside your organization in order to generate a lot of new ideas and match them with similar ideas inside or outside your organization.

This is how we help:

We can offer an idea platform where you can structure and manage the ideas, collaborate and check the potential of the ideas. Whether the ideas are generated by employees or citizens or even a combination of that where you open up the ideation platform to internal and external participants.

It can be overwhelming to receive hundreds or thousands of ideas in a short period of time. Adding people to your team to manage this and communicate about the progress of the idea can be a nightmare.

We offer customized packages to help you solve this issue. Working with various proven tools we can help you to setup an idea generating platform that helps you to control the idea generating flow.


Contact us for more information or if you have any question about how you could do this yourself.