The best ideas come from a company’s front lines . . . you just have to encourage it. Tailored towards energizing and engaging with your own employees and departments whether 3000+ employees in diverse locations, or small specialist teams.

We help you to kickstart the creative process in your company, inventory ideas and change the culture inside your organization. And along the way we are building new skills and supporting teams through cross-functional working methods.

Building a rocket and flying to Mars might be a good idea but it might be a bit far off from your current business. Therefore the challenge always begins with a package of insights and link to the company strategy and domains already established. By selecting a few key areas for the innovation challenge we keep focus on what is important. At this stage we define how far your want to go; should we aim for incremental or disruptive innovations?

We setup a program to get multi disciplinary teams to work in a pressure cooker setup and deliver results in a fixed time. This amount of time can change based on the amount of days people are able to work on the challenges. It’s important to get focus on the challenge but we understand there is a running business and will tailor the program to your needs.

Using some of our tools including the idea canvas, smart validation tools and the business model canvas we help your teams to deliver high quality and well setup ideas. Bringing in our own thinking along the way to push the teams outside their comfort zone and really seek for new opportunities.

At the end of the challenge it’s pitch time! The famous Dragons Den setup, some people hate it, some people love it. We know it works and use it to pitch the outcome of the challenges. People should pitch their own ideas the experience is something all participants will remember. The value of an employee pitching to the board and getting direct feedback is tremendous. And you would be surprised about the quality of ideas.

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