Meet the Startups:

How to find the startups you need to talk to? Or, how do you connect with the right company to pilot your product? Our “Meet the Startup” program is a curated program designed to inspire, gather insights and set the stage for effective collaboration between organizations. Many organizations decide to build this program into their quarterly calendar as it provides inspiration to teams, creates new business opportunities and creates a direct conversation with potential partners along the way.

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The 2014 GE Global Innovation Barometer survey reports that 85 percent of corporate respondents said that collaboration with startups and entrepreneurs will drive success for their organization in the future.

Before you start innovating within your chosen domains, it’s usually a good idea to look around and see who else is working in these areas and what they are working on. Perhaps you can get a head start by partnering, acquiring or investing and accelerating.

We are always meeting with startups and utilize various tools and platforms to keep track of who is doing what, where. In our “Meet the Startups” program, we bring large organizations together with startups in a carefully structured format allowing for both parties to explore ways of collaborating, we add additional brainpower to the opportunities and we insure the proper follow-ups are taken.