The decision of “if” and “how” to incubate your ideas or accelerate other’s ideas or both, depends on the ambition of the organization, the culture, and the resources available.

If you choose to develop and incubate your own ideas, your approach to stakeholder management, resources, capabilities and tools will have distinctly different requirements than if you choose to invest in other companies and help to accelerate them. And even more so if you ultimately acquire.

We’ve all seen the reports of corporate accelerator programs that fail as well as those which succeed. In most instances there is a big mis-match in the way large organizations are approaching their ongoing business and the way startups work. Matching the criteria of success for each party against the organization’s goals and capabilities is an essential step we can help you with.

In many cases, Startups who participate in accelerator programs are lured by the prestige of the accelerator’s name, the list of mentors and access to investors. However, we hear over and over that these entrepreneurs end-up disappointed with the contributions of mentors and the practical help necessary to secure the next investment. And Investors are often disappointed by the quality of work presented from the startups.

We have extensive experience helping people to execute their ideas and collaborate within both models – Incubation and Acceleration. Our unique strength lies in our ability to be big thinkers, combined with our practical and no-nonsense approach to getting things done. Our approach will create clarity, understanding and value amongst all parties.